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Hat Guide
Hat Guide
Hat Guide

Our hats are Designed by an award winning cosplay artist and special care is put into every detail to make the piece recognizable, comfortable, and stylish.

Hats Cost Money!
We have no access to free materials. We have to pay for all parts and work.
Base Hat
We only use brand new high quailty brand name hats to ensure long life and durability
Base cost for a Hat: $5
The standard size range:
Loose Fit Tight Fit
Hatline 21" 24"
Specialty sizing: $10
Specialty colouring: $20 hand-dying charge.
Additional  Colours
For colours outside of the main hat colour.
$5 For each additional colour
$20 minimun per dyed colour.

Some designs require exotic materials such as faux fur or mesh screening.
$5 min/colour of special material

More complex hats cost more to make so we charge by the piece.
Pieces are $2 each
Design .66¢ Draw+Cut .66¢ Mounting .66¢
The shapes are custom designed The shapes are made The shapes are attached
Special Effects
There may be no charge for very small amounts of stuffing, foam or paint.
Medium amounts $5
Sculped foam forms
Small forms $5, Medium $20
Wire Frames
Small sets $10, Medium $10
Medium Amounts $5
Other specialty treatments are priced on a case by case basis.
Artist Fee / Developement Fee
Please remember you are paying and artist for a unique piece of artwork.
Starting at $25
Based on the complexity of design, and on our availability of time & materials.
Up to $60

For Exact Pricing on the hat you are interesed in you will have to order a Sketch Quote. For more details or to place a quote request please visit our quote page Below are some example quotes. If you'd like a "rough estimate," the page you are on will help you with that!